FFChamps.com's Ten Commandments For Winning Fantasy Football

Contributed by: Billy E
Last Updated: Jun 07, 2010 12:47 AM

FFChamps.com's Ten Commandments are a series of our rules, guidelines, advice, thoughts and beliefs that were strategically formulated by our award winning and industry leading expert staff. Any Football Manager interested in winning a League Championship should follow each commandment carefully.  These are the same rules that we live by in our private and expert leagues and are the foundation behind our success.


1. Know Thy Scoring System

2. Thou Shall Stick to Thy Tiers

3. Thou Shall Avoid Players from Bad Teams

4. Thou Shall Draft Players From the NEXT Great Offenses

 5. Thou Shall Wait on Thy Quarterback

6. Thou Shall Covet Thy Stud WR

7. Thou MUST Draft Key Player's Backup

8. Thou Shall Not Draft Two Studs From the Same Team

9. Thou Shall NOT Draft a Kicker or Team Defense Too Early

10. Thou Shall Start Your Studs

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