Thoughts From The Champs: Ian's Insights

Contributed by: Billy E
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2011 11:56 AM

Find out what Ian Millman took away from Week 4 and how it will apply to the rest of the 2011 campaign.

Just when we were singing Ryan Fitzpatrick's praises he throws up a stinker.  It was probably more of a letdown game more than anything else, after beating New England. We still like the long term capabilities of this offense and think this is an opportunity to go out and acquire Fred Jackson, Fitzpatrick or even Stevie Johnson.  You are not giving away studs either, maybe just some depth.

Matt Hasselbeck is getting it done in Tennessee.  I am telling you, if they get the running game figured out, this team could surprise.  The problem is I am not quite sure that is going to happen and, after thinking about it long and hard, I am an advocate of trying to trade Chris Johnson after this game.  Two years ago, Chris Johnson would have had 225 yards and two TD's in this game, against a hapless Browns run D.  Now he needs those 23 carries to break 100 yards.  Take away the 25-yard run and he carried 22 times for 76 yards.  They are still not giving him any holes to run through.  Trade him if you can get some value.

Don't look now but Cleveland is becoming a true committee backfield.  Peyton Hillis owners may want to think about moving him, I know I would.  Peyton Hillis had 15 touches for 69 yards last week, Montario Hardesty 12 touches for 71 yards.  I know Hillis was sick, poor baby, but in a few weeks I get the feeling it is going to sink in for Hillis owners, and he will be unmovable at that point.  You probably will have better success coming out of the bye week.

Laurent Robinson is playing really well and getting the attention of Romo.  I would grab and stash him, then see how it looks coming off the bye with Miles Austin back.

What is with Detroit only playing second halves?  Stafford has looked awful in the first half of the last two and then amazing in the second half.  Maybe they should warm him up like it’s a game.

I don't think Pittsburgh is as bad as they looked against the Texans.  I think you have a good Texans defense and the Steelers were banged up.  They suffered injuries to Big Ben and Mendenhall.  The other thing I will say is that I don't think they are nearly as good as we thought they would be.  I am not sure what it is but the only viable player right now is Wallace, and he is going to be a stud this year.  Mendenhall doesn't look like he will come anywhere close to last year’s output but, what do you do?  His O-line is banged up and now he is too, although it shouldn't be serious.  Wait for a big game and try to move him, I think that’s the best you can do.

Other than Andre Johnson, no WR caught a pass for the Texans last week.  If Andre misses time, and it looks very possible, I wouldn't anoint Jones or Walter fantasy all-star status.  It will be the Foster, Daniels and Defense show.  Don't go crazy and use a crazy amount of your waiver wire currency on either of those WR's.

I just want to reiterate what I have been saying about the 4 horsemen in New Orleans.  The only one that is halfway useable is a full-strength Colston.  Otherwise it is impossible to predict and those of you that started Devery Henderson last week know what I'm talking about.

As brutal as the Vikings /Chiefs game was, I do think there are some takeaways.  I have talked about Bowe, he is still semi-stud status.  He has had either 100 yards or a TD, or both, the last three weeks.

The Vikings are going to do whatever they have to do to get it to Harvin.  He had 4 carries, a total of 109 yards and 4 receptions.  That really isn't bad, he may be back to becoming viable.

The 49ers’ offense, for the first time in as long as I can remember, actually looked promising.  They ran it, they spread it around in the passing game, and they made some big plays and Michael Crabtree actually did something.  I don't know if it was the Eagles’ D or what, actually it was probably a little of both, but some of these 49ers are on my stash and grab list, like Morgan and Crabtree.

If you didn't see the game between the Eagles and Niners, and just look at the box score you may be inclined to say that if you stop McCoy, which the Niners made a focal point and succeeded (just in the run game he is still a stud that got it done in the air), you can win.  Not the case.  Vick carved those cats up.  They had two major fumbles, one on the goal-line that kept the Niners in it.  As an aside, the play calling at the goal-line, the last two games by the Eagles is some of the worst I have ever seen.  I know the Ronnie Brown play was terrible, but what kind of call is a run/pass option that isn't some kind of sweep?  Forget that, you have one of the best backs in the league, give him the ball!
The Redskins’ running attack is a Fantasy nightmare.  Apparently Hightower was banged up in the game but it looks like you have a three-headed monster there.  Helu is going to get his ten touches and I can’t see Hightower going to the bench so depending on how the game unfolds I think any of the three backs could end up with the most touches on any given week.  Torain and Hightower look like flex/bye week fills at best now.
Sidney Rice has done it two weeks in a row, I think he is a great guy to try and get in a trade as a throw in.  Most likely he is not high, yet, on his owners depth chart and he really is all the Seahawks have.  He could quietly be a top-20 Fantasy WR.
Like I always say, other than Wes Welker and the TE’s, it is Fantasy Frustration over there in New England.  That said, it seems like they may be finding an identity with Stevan Ridley.  He looks really good.  He won’t be an every-down back, NE just doesn’t roll like that, but he is a good bye week filler. Pick him up if he is available.
There is no question anymore, when healthy, Ryan Mathews is the guy in San Diego.  He is a top-10 Fantasy back at this point.
LeGarrette  Blount may not be an all-world PPR back but he gets it done in all other formats.  He also looks like he is getting better every week.  In a non PPR I may try and go get him, it seems like he will be reliable.
Quick Hitters
I agree, Tony Romo sucks, but just not in Fantasy Football.
Steve Smith was this close (my fingers are being held close together) to a much bigger game, with two TD's.

The Bears may not have thrown a lot but it was still Johnny Knox leading the team.

What more can we say about Cam Newton, he is in the top 10.
I know Jared Cook had the big play but I do believe he is going to come on with Kenny Britt out.  A decent grab and stash candidate.
It looks like Mike Thomas may be halfway relevant with Blaine Gabbert at the helm.
Nate Burleson, you are dead to me, I said that name one too many times last week, in promotion.  2-16 brother? Come on!

Eli Manning is playing like a Fantasy starter, he makes a great bye week filler.
As we said at the beginning of the year, if Beanie Wells is healthy he is going to have a very good year.
Mario Manningham was demoted for running the wrong routes and Victor Cruz is playing well.  If Cruz is still available I would grab him.
I felt like Aaron Rodgers started himself on his Fantasy team last week.
I still don’t trust Jordy Nelson, although they did give him a big extension.
Why are the Broncos dressing Moreno if he can’t play?  I don’t get this one, there is no way he lost out this much to Willis McGahee.
Teams may want to think about covering Wes Welker, just a thought.
Butterfingers Marshall really cost the Phins’ on Sunday.
I am as happy as a pig in the mud that the Jets are being exposed.  I am just not a big Rex Ryan fan.  I am hopeful that this trip to Foxwoods is the knockout punch.
Preston Parker – Grab and stash.

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