2012 Fantasy Football Preview: Pittsburgh Steelers

Contributed by: Joe Ruedy
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2012 11:25 AM

QB: Ben Roethlisberger

Look for Big Ben to have another good year. He will be a solid quarterback to get in mid rounds of the fantasy draft.

Normally I would say the first two rounds especially with the outstanding numbers Ben had last year. The reason why I have him as a mid-round draft pick is the brand NEW offense.

With that in mind the rumors of establishing the run game in the red zone brings down Roethlisberger's value.

Eventually, they will start throwing to tigh ends in the red zone since that is Haley's style but owner Art Rooney wants to see more running in goal line distance situations.

Also the begining of the season might be rough with the new offensive line and playbook but Ben is a smart player and should pick up on the offense quickly after a few weeks he will be right back in probowl form.

Ben is a good fantasy quarterback in my opion but with a new offense and new members to the line along with facing tough defenses I feel you should take him in the middle rounds from a fantasy standpoint.

Prediction: 3,300 passing yards, 25 TDs

RB: Isaac Redman

With Mendenhall out it's Redman's time to shine. He has had the chance to rank up some yards and some touchdowns. Although I don't believe that he will score most of the team's rushing TDs this year due to the fact there has been some discussion on bringing in a bigger back for goal line situations.

Redman definitley will pass the 1,000-yard rushing plateau especially with Haley calling the shots. Back in Kansas City coach Haley had a great run game and that led to Jamaal Charles' first Pro Bowl selection. I am not saying Redman will make the Pro Bowl but he has a big stock in fantasy football this year.

Redman should be available mid-to-late 3rd round.

Prediction: 1,200 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns

WR: Antonio Brown

This is a tough one here. With Mike Wallace still not signed the top wide reciever going into training camp will be Brown. I look for him to have a huge year regardless if Wallace is back or not.

Towards the middle of the season Antonio started to break out and show what he's got. He will be a great fantasy wide receiver this year with some big plays. It will help a lot that Haley's type of offense is run to set up the pass and he loves play-action passes, which I feel the Steelers have been lacking in the past few years. In my opinion Brown will be a mid-round draft steal for the savvy fantasy football managers.

He should be drafted early-to-late second round depending on how large your league is.

Prediction: 900 yards and 11 touchdowns

WR: Emmanuel Sanders - SLEEPER ALERT!!!

Sanders started to come on late in the season showing nice speed and skill to get open. With the way it looks with the Wallace situation, Sanders will get some good time in camp and on game day. This year will be his year to prove himself as a starter and show that Wallace and Brown aren't the only Pro Bowl-caliber receivers on the Steelers.

The only downside with Sanders is that Haley is notorious for running his offense with two tight ends and that may take away Sanders' touches if Wallace comes back and they keep Cotchery as a slot guy.  Of course a lot of that depends on the Wallace situation.

I think Sanders will be a potential steal in later rounds of deep drafts.

Prediction: 500 yards and 5 touchdowns

TE: Heath Miller - Must Have!!!

What can I say you got to have Heath Miller -- he is in the top 4 among tight ends. Miller is a potential Pro Bowler every year. His stats have recently been in decline due to the Bruce Arians offense.

With Todd Haley I am looking forward to hearing the old Heeaaathh cheer a lot this year. Haley likes to play out of a lot of tight end sets and likes the jumbo sets near the goal line so expect Miller to get great chances to score touchdowns in the red zone.

With the size and athleticism that Heath has along with his skills to set down in a soft spot in coverage I feel he will have a good chance to get back to his old form.

He should be drafted in the later rounds since most people take a while to draft at the tight end position.

Prediction: 600 yards and 7 touchdowns.

RB: Chris Rainey - Breakout rookie

This one is hard one since the Steelers don't usually have a rookie start on offense right away. Especially with the depth they still have on offense this year. I think Baron Batch will have a good year also but he is not a rookie although he didn't play last year due to injury in camp.

I feel Rainey is going to be a breakout rookie since I am fairly positive he will get the playing time. I see the Steelers using him as a kick and punt returner since Redman will be starting at the running back position and Rainey has great speed and field vision as well as being a returner in college.

I feel it will work out that way because with Antonio Brown being a starting wide receiver he will probably not be returning kicks due to injury possibilities. 

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