Fantasy Football Week 2: Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks

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Last Updated: Sep 14, 2012 12:51 PM

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks

Dallas:  Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys got a little bit of revenge in Week 1, handing the defending champion New York Giants a loss about 9 months after they were beaten by those very same Giants in a Week 17 winner-to-the-playoffs matchup in 2011.  Romo looked extremely efficient in getting the ball to the open man, where Kevin Ogletree made the backup Giants secondary look like preseason fodder.

Romo will have a decidedly tougher time in this game, playing in front of the raucous Seattle crowd and playing against the physical bullying secondary of the Seahawks.  The likes of Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas will make it very hard for Miles Austin and Dez Bryant to get loose, and we’ll almost assuredly not have a repeat of Ogletree’s huge performance.

DeMarco Murray’s numbers will also likely be depressed, but he’s probably you’re RB1 or at least a very high RB2, so you need to play him.  If he gets to 100 total yards and a touchdown, consider yourself lucky.

Good Start:  QB Tony Romo, RB DeMarco Murray, WR Dez Bryant

Middle of the Road:  WR Miles Austin, TE Jason Witten

Bad Start:  RB Felix Jones, WR Kevin Ogletree


Seahawks:  Well, it looks like we can’t anoint Russell Wilson the divine rookie just yet, even after a positively glowing preseason.  Wilson looked like a rookie in this game, although arguably the second most effective rookie starting QB behind RGIII, considering he kept his team in the game the whole way.   In the friendly confines of CenturyLink Field with a friendly crowd behind him, look for Wilson to have a bounce back game of sorts.  Still not recommended as a fantasy starter, but he should make the rest of the Seahawks more effective.

Sidney Rice should actually have a fairly good game here, as the Cowboys secondary can be had by bigger physical receivers like Rice.  Braylon Edwards should also find some success here, if he can actually figure out how to turn those skillets at the end of his arms into actual hands.

Even though he was considered a very iffy game time decision, Marshawn Lynch gutted out a tough divisional road game and came away with nearly 100 total yards.  Look for more of the same from Lynch, but add about 30 yards to that total and a touchdown for the home field advantage.

Good Start:  RB Marshawn Lynch, WR Sidney Rice

Middle of the Road:  QB Russell Wilson

Bad Start:  WR Braylon Edwards, WR Doug Baldwin, TE Zach Miller


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