NFL Fantasy Football: Week 3 Champs and Chumps

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Last Updated: Sep 25, 2012 1:52 AM

Well, hopefully your fantasy football team fared better than the Green Bay Packers did Monday night. Too soon, Packers fans? How does it feel being the sacrificial lamb that'll hopefully resolve the replacement official situation? Not good, I bet.

Enough jibber jabber! It's time for champs and chumps.

QB Champs

The AFC North’s quarterbacks share Week 3 QB champ honors. Excluding Brandon Weeden of course. Brandon Weeden does not count.

AFC North QB Cumulative Week 3 Stats (w/o Weeden): 1,094 yds, 10 pass TDs, 2 INTs, 27 rush yds

Ben Roethlisberger: 384 pass yds, 4 pass TDs, 8 rush yds

Joe Flacco: 382 pass yds, 3 pass TDs, INT, 3 rush yds

Andy Dalton: 328 pass yds, 3 pass TDs, INT, 16 rush yds

This trio also makes up three of the top four passing leaders in the AFC. (Matt Schaub is crashing the AFC North QB party.)


QB Chumps

Philip Rivers: 173 pass yds, 2 INTs, 2 rush yds

Question: Who has fewer passing yards than Andrew Luck, more interceptions than Blaine Gabbert, and a worse QB rating than Jake Locker?

Answer: (You guessed it!) Philip Rivers

Tony Romo: 283 pass yds, INT, 1 rush yd, 2 fumbles lost

Next week, he faces a Bears’ pass defense that’s ranked No. 6 in the NFL. Bench him if you can.

Michael Vick: 217 pass yds, 28 rush yds, 2 fumbles lost

While you are reading this, opposing defenders are sacking Michael Vick.

WR Champs

Torrey Smith: 127 rec yds, 2 rec TDs

Talk about playing with emotion.

A.J. Green: 183 rec yds, rec TD, 11 rush yds

Your AFC receiving leader is on a roll. Did you know that A.J. actually stands for “Awesome Jumper”? Go check. I’m not kidding.

Mike Wallace: 123 rec yds, rec TD

So much for training camp.


WR Chumps

Marques Colston: 40 rec yds

It’s not surprising that at this point in the year Colston has fewer total receiving yards (160) than Jimmy Graham (172). It is surprising though that he has fewer receiving yards than Darren Sproles (163) and (surprise team-leader) Lance Moore (220).

Victor Cruz: 42 rec yds

Champ decoy-- not great for fantasy purposes.

RB Champs

Jamaal Charles: 233 rush yds, rush TD, 55 rec yds

“Don’t draft Jamaal Charles in Round 1 of your fantasy draft. I hear Peyton Hillis is in excellent shape.”

Maurice Jones-Drew: 177 rush yds, rush TD, 16 rec yds

“Don’t draft MJD in Round 1 of your fantasy draft because of his holdout.”

Ray Rice: 101 rush yds, rush TD, 49 rec yds

“Don’t draft Ray Rice in Round 1 of your fantasy draft because he is short.” Just kidding, no one really said that.


RB Chumps

Chris Johnson: 24 rush yds, 5 rec yds

Speaking of players you shouldn’t draft though, here’s CJ2K. Someone get this man a raise!

Steven Jackson: 29 rush yds, 5 rec yds

You could try to trade him, but no one’s going to want him. Good luck against the Seahawks’ run defense next week, SJax.


TE Champ

Tony Gonzalez: 91 rec yds, rec TD

Still a champ at 90 years old.


TE Chump

Rob Gronkowski: 21 rec yds

No Aaron Hernandez means it’s GRONK TIME! Right? No? Lots of things in the NFL don’t make sense this season.


Kicker Champ

Ryan Succop: 1/1 FG 20-29 yds, 3/3 FG 30-39 yds, 2/2 FG 40-49 yds, 1/1 XP

Chiefs’ franchise record six-for-six on field goals? Check.

Game-typing field goal to send the game to overtime? Check.

Game-winning field goal in OT? Priceless.


Kicker Chump

Matt Bryant: 3/3 XP

Matt Bryant was not a falcon for fantasy owners. He was a puffin.


Bonus Chump

The Replacement Officials: BAD JOB!

If they were fantasy players, they’d be getting you negative points.

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