NFL Fantasy Football: Week 4 Champs and Chumps

Contributed by: Jeff Sperber
Last Updated: Oct 02, 2012 1:07 AM

Welcome to your Week 4 edition of Champs and Chumps! If you want a list of average fantasy football players from this past week you best look elsewhere.

QB Champs

The three best QBs in the NFL finally had a week where the performed like the three best QBs in the NFL.

Tom Brady: 340 pass yds, 3 pass TDs, 4 rush yds, rush TD

Aaron Rodgers: 319 pass yds, 4 pass TDs, INT, 13 rush yds

Drew Brees: 446 pass yds, 3 pass TDs

Wait a minute! Tim Tebow’s not on this list!


QB Chumps

Tony Romo: 307 pass yds, pass TD, 5 INTs

You have to work hard to pass for 307 yards and still be a chump.

Russell Wilson: 160 pass yds, 3 INTs, 14 rush yds

Russell Wilson passed for a career-high 160 yards on Sunday.  He’s not fantasy backup worthy.

Mark Sanchez: 103 pass yds, INT, fumble lost

There’s no way you started him this week, but he was such a stinker that he earned a spot as one of this week’s chumps. A well-trained chimpanzee could’ve played better.

Carson Palmer: 202 pass yds

He won’t do much worse when he plays “Bye” this weekend.


RB Champs

Michael Turner: 103 rush yds, 68 rec yds, rec TD

“If you start Michael Turner, you should have you’re brain examined… Never start him again.”- The Bonch, last week on The Jeff & The Bonch Show

Stevan Ridley: 106 rush yds, 2 rush TDs

It was Patriots’ Running Back Day in Buffalo.

Brandon Bolden: 137 rush yds, rush TD, 11 rec yds

It’s not “bold” to say he’s a great waiver wire pickup. (See what I did there?)


RB Chumps

Shonn Greene: 34 rush yds

Sigh. Don’t even bother trying to trade him; just drop him.

Darren McFadden: 34 rush yds, 4 rec yds

That’s three games so far this year in which he’s averaged less than 3 yards per carry.

Ahmad Bradshaw: 39 rush yds, 38 rec yds

He’s a flex player, nothing more.


WR Champs

Roddy White: 169 rec yds, 2 rec TDs

Is he still the top fantasy receiver on the Falcons? He played like he was against the Panthers.

Marques Colston: 153 rec yds, rec TD

It’s a great week to trade Colston before he goes back to having 50 yard, no touchdown games.

Brian Hartline: 253 rec yds, rec TD

Quiz time!

Who leads the NFL in receiving yards? (That’s right!)


WR Chumps

Julio Jones: 30 rec yds

Insert sad face emoticon.

Jeremy Maclin: 7 rec yds

He had roughly 1/36th as many receiving yards as Brian Hartline.

Santonio Holmes: 29 rec yds, fumble lost

News Alert: Drop all Jets from your fantasy team!


TE Champs

Scott Chandler: 62 rec yds, 2 rec TDs

They call him Scott “Touchdown” Chandler. (Not really though.)

Rob Gronkowski: 104 rec yds, rec TD, fumble lost

Looks like someone took offense to being deemed a chump last week.


TE Chumps

Martellus Bennett: 2 rec yds

The Giants’ receiving situation is too confusing for my simple mind.

Vernon Davis: 28 rec yds

Not what you’d expect when you hear the 49ers scored 34 points.


Kicker Champ

Greg Zuerlein: 1/1 20-29 yds, 1/1 40-49 yds, 2-2 50+ yds, 1/1 XP

Greg the Leg is 12/12 this year, including three field goals over 50 yards.


Kicker Chump

Nick Folk: 0

He didn’t even attempt a field goal. We’ll just give him a zero.

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