NFL Fantasy Football: Week 5 Champs and Chumps

Contributed by: Jeff Sperber
Last Updated: Oct 09, 2012 1:50 AM

For the first time this season, three players* who were "champs" last week are champs again! Alert the presses! Here's hoping you have all three of those players on your team!

*For those of you who want to know who these three amazing superstars are (all of you), they're the first champs listed in each of the QB, RB, and WR sections.

QB Champs

Drew Brees: 370 pass yds, 4 pass TDs, -2 rush yds

Take that, Unitas!

Andrew Luck: 362 pass yds, 2 pass TDs, INT, 24 rush yds, rush TD

The Colts next five games: @Jets, Browns, @Titans, Dolphins, and @Jaguars-- that’s four pass defenses in the bottom half of the league and a Jets D that’s now without Darelle Revis.

Alex Smith: 303 pass yds, 3 pass TDs, 49 rush yds

Last year the 49ers had the 26th-ranked offense in the NFL. This year they’re 6th.


QB Chumps

Cam Newton: 141 pass yds, 42 rush yds, fumble lost

Sophomore slump alert! Newton owners aren’t too upset that he’s on bye Week 6.

Robert Griffin III: 91 pass yds, 7 rush yds

Round 5 in "The Battle of the 2012 QB Class" goes to Andrew Luck. Get better soon, RG3; the Redskins need you.


RB Champs

Stevan Ridley: 151 rush yds, rush TD, fumble lost 

He has more rushing yards than LeSean McCoy, Ray Rice, and Maurice Jones-Drew. Separately, of course, not all three of them combined. He does have more yards than DeMarco Murray and Chris Johnson combined though.

Ahmad Bradshaw: 200 rush yds, rush TD, 29 rec yds, fumble lost

Well, he made up for that fumble at the start of the game.

Frank Gore: 106 rush yds, rush TD

Surprise, surprise, Gore is an RB1.


RB Chumps

Maurice Jones-Drew: 56 rush yds, 3 rec yds

MJD is a lesson in why you shouldn’t draft good players on awful teams.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis: 14 rush yds, 2 rec yds

Clearly not a good week for running backs with hyphenated last names.

Chris Johnson: 24 rush yds, 5 rec yds, fumble lost



WR Champs

Marques Colston: 131 rec yds, 3 rec TDs

If you went into Sunday night in a tie in fantasy football and you had Jimmy Graham and your opponent had Marques Colston, it was a very bad night for you indeed.

Reggie Wayne: 212 rec yds, rec TD

Peyton who?

Victor Cruz: 50 rec yds, 3 rec TDs

Dancing With The Stars, here he comes!


WR Chumps

Mike Wallace: 17 rec yds

William Wallace would’ve had more than 17 receiving yards. And he doesn’t even know how to play football. 

Jordy Nelson: 29 rec yds

2011 Jordy = Fluke?


TE Champ

Tony Gonzalez: 123 rec yds, rec TD

This man defies time. How is he still so good at 36 years old? He must’ve made some sort of deal with a wizard.


TE Chumps

This is what you get for drafting a tight end in one of the first two rounds:

Rob Gronkowski: 35 rec yds

Jimmy Graham: 4 rec yds


Kicker Champ

Blair Walsh: 1/1 20-29 FG, 1/1 30-39 FG, 1/1 40-49 FG, 3/3 XP

It’s always nice when a player whose name makes him sound like a hot girl gets onto the champs list.


Kicker Chump

Mason Crosby: 0/2 50+ FG, 3/3 XP

A chump in real life and in Fantasy Land.

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