Fantasy Football Thursday Night Preview: Dolphins at Bills

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TannehillAnother week and another Thursday Night Football game. 

With the Vikings, Giants, Seahawks and Titans on a bye you will need to fill in for Adrian Peterson, Eli Manning and Chris Johnson. 

There is also that nasty concussion bug going around. 

So you might need to replace Alex Smith, Michael Vick, and Jay Cutler.  Then of course Ben Roethlisberger  injured his shoulder Monday night. 

You might have lots of holes to fill.  Thursday night might help you fill them. 


Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill is a member of the freshman crop that is impressing. He has also become the darling of the waiver wire. If you are in a dynasty league you might want to give him a glimpse. 

And while he is improving you don't get fantasy points for effort.

Last week against the Tennessee Titans, Tannehill had 217 yards with zero touchdowns and three interceptions. 

It's a short week, it will be cold, Tannehill is not your man.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

There is a rumor Fitzpatrick went to Harvard, is that true? 

Anyway, Fitzpatrick may not be what the Bills' fans want but he is definitely worth a seat on your fantasy team. Last week against the New England Patriots, Fitzpatrick had 337 yards with two touchdowns and one untimely interception in the end zone. While that sucked for the Bills, it made for a clean fantasy football day for you.

For the season Fitzpatrick has 17 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions. He has accumulated 2,011 yards with a 62.5 percent completion rate. Again, this sucks for Bills' fans but makes for not a bad fantasy day. 

Remember the Dolphins' defense allowed Andrew Luck 433 yards passing.

Fitzpatrick is your man.

Running Backs

Reggie Bush

Bush was sat last week for a fumble? Did the Dolphins learn their lesson? Well they lost 3-37 to the Tennessee Titans so one would hope so. His stats for the Titans game were four carries for 21 yards.  That is a hard lesson to learn.

For the year, Bush averages 4.4 yards per carry. He has four touchdowns on 126 carries. 

The Bills are allowing 163.7 yards. 

Expect Bush to rebound. Bush is your man.

C.J. Spiller

Before Sunday's game the Dolphins defense had not allowed a 100-yard rusher in 22 games. Then Chris Johnson shredded the defense for 126 yards. 

Spiller will not be handcuffed with a running back by committee. Fred Jackson is out. Spiller is in.

Spiller is your man. 

Wide Receivers

Brian Hartline

Remember when Hartline had that monster game? It was Week 4. Last week he had eight carries for 72 yards. 

There are some quality wide receivers on a bye this week. But Hartline is too inconsistent to be of value to you. It is Thursday night. Do you want to chance it?

Stevie Johnson

I don't know what to think of Johnson. He is Fitzpatrick's favorite target. Last week that equaled six catches for 86 yards. For the year Johnson has 41 passes for four touchdowns and 502 yards. 

The question is can you do better?

The Dolphins' secondary is suspect. Johnson likes to perform in front of the big lights. Thursday he will be the only show in town. 

Johnson is your man, albeit with trepidation.

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