Champs and Chumps Week 12: Thanksgiving Champs, Sunday Chumps

Contributed by: Jeff Sperber
Last Updated: Nov 27, 2012 7:28 PM

You had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving if you had one of your fantasy stars playing on Turkey Day. (You had even more to be thankful for if you are not a Jets fan.)

Hopefully, you were able to watch lots of football and didn’t have the games ruined for you by your in-laws who know nothing about the game and kept asking dumb questions and getting confused between Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson (*cough*cough*, Phil Simms -- Calvin is the one on the blue team.)

Here are the STUDS OF THANKSGIVING, who as it turned out, happened to be the majority of fantasy studs for Week 12.


Tom Brady: 323 pass yds, 3 pass TDs, 5 rush yds, rush TD

Robert Griffin III: 311 pass yds, 4 pass TDs, INT, 29 rush yds

Tony Romo: 441 pass yds, 3 pass TDs, 2 INTs, 7 rush yds

If Dallas is “America’s Team” and Thanksgiving is America’s holiday, does that make Tony Romo America’s Quarterback? (Ha, ha, of course not.)

Matthew Stafford: 441 pass yds, 2 pass TDs, 7 rush yds


Arian Foster: 102 rush yds, 2 rush TDs, 15 rec yds

Foster made up for not scoring a touchdown in Week 12 by scoring TWO TDs this week.


Dez Bryant: 6 rush yds, 145 rec yds, 2 rec TDs, fumble lost

Calvin Johnson: 140 rec yds, rec TD

Andre Johnson: 188 rec yds

He has 9 or more targets in each of the Texans’ last six games.


That brings us to Sunday, which was for the most part mediocre in terms of fantasy play. Here are your WEEK 12 SUNDAY CHUMPS.


Aaron Rodgers: 219 pass yds, pass TD, INT, 22 rush yds, fumble lost

In the Giants’ prior game, Andy Dalton threw for four touchdowns against them.

Carson Palmer: 146 pass yds, pass TD, INT, fumble lost

Josh Freeman: 256 pass yds


Matt Forte: 42 rush yds, 4 rec yds, fumble lost

Marshawn Lynch: 46 rush yds, 1 rec yd


It’s hard to be a productive fantasy wide receiver when you have Charlie Batch or Ryan Lindley throwing you the ball.

Mike Wallace: 9 rec yds

Larry Fitzgerald: 31 rec yds


Antonio Gates: 13 rec yds



If you’re anything like me, you were super excited for Monday night’s riveting showdown between the pathetic Carolina Panthers and the even more pathetic Philadelphia Eagles (my preseason Super Bowl pick – good one, Jeff!).

I was actually being sarcastic. I had no interest in Monday’s game. However, if you had one of these two players, the game was a great one for you:

Cam Newton: 306 pass yds, 2 pass TDs, 52 rush yds, 2 rush TDs

Bryce Brown: 178 rush yds, 2 rush TDs, 11 rec yds, 2 fumbles lost

Alliterative names are cool.



This has been a Champs & Chumps article. Until next week, ladies and gents.

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