2018 NFL Playoff Pickem Pool-MEMBERS ONLY

Contributed by: Bill Enright
Last Updated: Jan 06, 2018 10:46 AM

All eligible members received an email with specific instructions on how to join the pool. If you did not receive this email, you have not renewed for 2018. 

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Please follow these exact instructions to renew to the All Access package for $59.95: 

1. Logout of your FFChamps Account 

2. Click Order Now under the "All Access" Package 

3. Enter Promo Code: 2018 

4. Make sure to enter the promo code before adding your name or credit card. If you do not see a new price of $59.95 then try to enter the promo code again and click REDEEM COUPON. 

Once you are registered you'll be able to access all the info on how to join the playoff pool on GPPMasters.com with your new login information or just go direct to this link http://gppmaster.com/Member/Content/270/nfl-playoff-poolmembers-only 



FFChamps Members NFL Playoff Pickem Pool


Each player picks every NFL playoff game for the week, placing a "weight" from 1 to 11 based on how confident they are that the team they picked will win. The more points assigned to a pick, the more confident they are that team will win. The trick is that once you use a weight, you can't use that value again in a subsequent week; that is, you'll spread the 1 through 11 weights across all games throughout the playoffs (there are a total of 11 playoff games including the Super Bowl). For each correct pick, they receive the number of points (weight) they assigned to that pick. Games are picked "straight-up", the line is not used (the line will be displayed for your convenience to assist in weighting your picks). 

Each week you select one tie-breaker game by guessing the total points scored in the game. This is used to break ties during the week for any weekly prizes. A running total is also kept of your tie-breakers. A prize can be established for the player with the lowest aggregate tie-breaker total at the end of the season when the Super Bowl ends. 

You must have your picks in by the deadline established by the league manager. After you submit your picks, you can edit them provided 1) the league's configured deadline has not past, 2) the configured grace period has not elapsed, 3) a game has not started that you already picked.

If you do not get your picks submitted before any Saturday playoff games, you can still submit picks provided the league deadline is configured to be sometime after the game. 

If your league is configured to have a "bye" week, each player's worst playoff week will be subtracted from their total points.

We are awarding prizes to the members who finish in the Top 3.

1st Place: 3 Year Membership (starts in 2019)
2nd Place: 2 Year Membership (starts in 2019)
3rd Place: 1 Year Membership (starts in 2019)

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