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  Fantasy Football University  
  Fantasy Football's 10 Commandments  

Fantasy Football University Intro

Contributed by: Billy E and Billy E
Last Updated: Jul 15, 2014 1:09 PM

FF University 2010

Welcome to Fantasy Football University brought to you by FFChamps.com.  We have put together a compilation of all of the thoughts and strategies we have developed and used over the years in an effort to raise your Fantasy Football IQ.  This is everything we know, in a simple-easy to read article... we held nothing back. 

If there is something that you need to know that isn't included over these chapters, reach out to us either via our Contact Form, Live Chats or via our Expert Advice and we will get back to you with answers.

You should be able to get immediate results from these lessons and begin dominating your league this year and for many years to come.  We know the information we are telling you works because we have been winning leagues for years.  We wouldn't be in business if it didn't work. 

We are going to start out with some introductory classes for the beginners out there. Most of you already know this stuff, but you may want to read over this quickly anyway just to see if you can pick up something to help improve your Fantasy Football game.

Class is in session.



Class number 1: What is Fantasy Football?

How it's played

Fantasy Football Terminology

Different types of leagues

Class number 2: How to Prepare for A League

Know how roster variations & scoring variations affect your strategy

Types of Drafts

Class number 3: Keeper & Dynasty League Pre & Off Season strategies

Evaluating current roster for keeper leagues

How to decide who to keep

Roster management

Class number 4: Prepare For Your Draft

Looking back at last year

Surprises and Busts and how to learn from them

Player movement and coaching changes and their FF effect

Evaluating Talent

Uncovering “sleepers”

Players and teams to avoid


Class number 5: Drafting Strategies

Understanding the Champ's Tier Based Drafting System

Using the Champ's Draft Tracker to stay ahead of your competitors

Practice Makes Perfect

Mock Draft App to perfect your drafting

How to Draft A Sleeper

Backing Up Your Studs

Drafting QBs

Drafting Kickers & Defenses

Don't get caught in the Runs

Class number 6:In-Season Roster Management – Part I

Scouring the Waiver Wire

How to spot rising talent

Backing up your Studs

Class number 7: In-Season Roster Management – Part II

The Art of Trading

Class number 8: Who Should You Start?

Selecting your Starters

What is the FFCPI and how it will help you win

Class number 9: Planning for the Playoffs

Strength of Schedule in weeks 14-16

Select Players from actual Playoff teams – more to play for

Trading Players with a tough 2nd half schedule

Trading for Players with an easy 2nd half schedule

 Class number 10: Everything IDP

How and when to draft IDP

Defensive Schemes


Scoring Systems and Advice

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