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Twitter: @FFChamps_Jon

Jon Millman

Dob: 3/22/1974
Location: Long Island
College: SUNY Albany
Job Title: Co-Founder, Lead FF Analyst
1st year playing FF: 1993
Fantasy Team Name: The Freaks
Championships Won: Honestly, way too many to count. 7 or 8 "Expert Leagues" from 2003-2006; 9 or 10 High Stakes Leagues from 1993-2009
All time favorite fantasy player: Randy Moss (although Chris Johnson is my current Stud)
Best Fantasy Football Move: 2 words "Stud WR". I always get one and it's often the difference maker.
Favorite Sports Movie: "Caddyshack"
Favorite Tailgate food: Cheeseburgers
Favorite NFL team: The New York Giants
Favorite activity not named Fantasy Football? Golf, preferably on Bethpage Black
Something random about you? Active member of the American MENSA Society

Jon and Ian Millman created FantasyFootballChamps.com in 1999 and have been dominating the fantasy football scene ever since. Together they strung together an unmatched string in the Fantasy Index Experts Poll. Since 2000 they had two third-place finishes, one fourth, and two first-place titles, and that's out of 20 experts. In the first three years of the $5,000 Fantasy Football Champs Challenge they took third, second, and first against the greatest talent there is. In the Pro Forecast Magazine Experts Poll they have two thirds, two seconds and one first place finish in a five-year span over 19 other experts. Jon has been featured in nearly every magazine in the industry, on ESPN's Cold Pizza, dozens of national radio shows, and even on his own weekly internet fantasy football show.