My Teams

The entire FFChamps website is built around your fantasy football roster(s). Using our My Teams feature you can track and follow all of your teams and rosters in one convenient place and update them as the season progresses. The site will automatically give you the following roster updates:

Draft Kit
  • Custom Cheatsheets (C3)
  • Overall Rankings
  • Average Draft Positions
  • Stat Projections
  • Mock Drafts
  • Draft Tracker
  • Breaking News
  • Injuries

In Season:

You’ll know who we recommend to start, who to trade for and who to trade away.  My Teams is your information headquarters for every player on all your rosters. Each week you can enter your starting lineups, as well as your opponents, for all of your leagues.  These plus many more customizable features make My Teams a "must use" tool…you have to use it to believe it!  To reap all of the benefits, simply order now…You won't have to go anywhere else to get a pulse on what's going on in your Fantasy Football World.

This is the Main Roster page for each team you have. You can track as many teams as you like. This is where you input your original roster and make any future changes when you make trades or pick ups. You’ll also notice the latest headlines for any players on this roster at the top right of this page

This is the FFCPI (Fantasy Football Champs Performance Index). This is our Flagship application and is often referred to as “The Most Powerful Prediction tool in Fantasy Football”. It answers the most difficult and common question in Fantasy Football… “Who Should I Start?” The FFCPI will tell you. To see the FFCPI for the entire week and all players, just use the FFCPI application, but to see whom the FFCPI recommends to start for any specific team, just use this section of the My Teams application. The numbers tell you the odds that player has of outperforming the rest of his position. The FFCPI takes the stress out of picking your starters.

This is the MATCHUP Page of the My Teams section. Once you input your opponents starting lineup you can compare the FFCPI values of all players and see if you are projected to win. Throughout the week we update player injuries and FFCPI values so you can see who’s moving up or down. Just follow the Green or Red arrows.

Stats Page - Here you can check the stats for this particular roster. Of course we have a stats section for the entire league, but this tool lets you compare how each player on your team is doing vs. the rest of your team. Our stats are updated after the completion of each game.

This is the page where you add each team. As you can see, each team has a customizable scoring system, and any combination of roster requirements. Once you enter this information, each different team will have a Custom Cheatsheet created for it based on that particular scoring system. You only need to enter the league specifics one time in one place and it will carry over into all of our applications – My Teams, C3 (Champs' Customizable Cheatsheet), FFCPI and more.