"If you read this, you will subscribe."

Last year, we released our FFCPI to the public for the 10th year. We knew it was accurate, but the below results astonished even us. The results are so impressive; you just can't make this stuff up. One of our subscribers, Ray Rentler did a study of the FFCPI. Included in the study you will see a chart that Ray created for the first 14 weeks of the NFL season - the fantasy football regular season. The FFCPI (Fantasy Football Champs Performance Index) ranks players each week in order of the predicted points they are projected to score. What Ray did was segment the predictions for each position into tiers of 10. You will see in the chart that each tier of players outperformed each tier below them. When viewed by groups in this fashion, the FFCPI was miraculously correct 100% of the time over the course of the season. In actuality, we have always found the FFCPI to be accurate at least 70-80% of the time on a week to week basis. Keep in mind that the FFCPI for each player changes each week, based on dozens of factors that we take into account. What this chart shows is that the FFCPI pegged each positions production, basically to a T. You just can't make stuff like this up!

Here is what Ray had to say:

"Was the FFCPI lucky for me or is their service legit? I was not 100% convinced so I have been keeping track of their RANKINGS all year. I created a chart that would calculate the average points scored at each position in sets of 10. The point averages are based on a standard scoring system. Their top 10 at each position are pretty consistent at being higher than the rest and 11-20 being higher than 21-30 and so on.. I believe that knowledge is power and the more info you get the better your chances are of putting in 100% of your point total into your line-up each week."

"What this study has proven to me, is that the vast majority of the time the FFCPI has managed to list the top performing players at the top and works it's way down in a consistent pattern. The FFChamps tell us that the FFCPI gets more accurate each week as the season goes on, as nearly every position was ranked in perfect order."
- Ray Rentler, FFCPI Subscriber