FFChamps $2500 Survivor Pool

What can I win?

Be the last one standing and go home with $2,500!

Who can enter?

Everyone who subscribes to our Complete Season Package receives an automatic entry.

What is it?

A survivor pool is a contest in which participants select one NFL team each week to win their respective game without regard to the point spread. If your team wins, you "survive". If your team loses you are eliminated. There's one more catch – you can never select the same team twice. The last participant standing wins.

How do I play?

It's very simple. The entire contest is automated and runs right from our website at www.FFChamps.com. All you need to do is log in and follow the instructions. There are a few other minor details, simply click here to read the full rules

What's the catch?

There is no catch. All you need to do is subscribe to our Complete Season Package and you will receive an automatic entry. On top of a shot at $2,500, you will get the best Fantasy Football information available today. Our insights have lead to thousands of Championships over the last 5 years.

Why are you giving away so much money?

We know we have the best information around, and we want to give something back to our users. We are not making a big deal publicizing this, as we don't want it to be a reason to join our service. We want you here for the FF insight, not the money. The grand prize is our gift to you.

What else do I need to know?

There are some eligibility concerns and other rules, so click here to read all of the rules and eligibility information

THE FFCHAMPS SURVIVOR POOL WILL OFFICIALLY BEGIN WEEK 1 OF THE NFL SEASON, once it begins, no more participants may enter. Each week you will choose one NFL team that you think will win their game outright that week, regardless of the point spread. If your NFL team wins, you Survive and advance.

You must pick a different team each week and never the same team twice. When you come back to make your selection for the next week, assuming your team won the prior week, any previously selected teams will not be available. (If you have advanced 5 weeks into the contest, you will only be able to select from the remaining 27 teams that you have not yet selected in the 6th week of the contest). Ties will be treated like a loss for both NFL teams, and you will be eliminated.

You must play each and every week you are still alive or you will be eliminated from the contest. (If you forget to put in a pick for any week you are still alive, you will be eliminated, results will be posted at FFChamps.com so come back to see how many are still alive each week). The first week that your selected team loses or you fail to enter a pick by the deadline; you are eliminated from the pool.

Entries are due at the start of the first game of the week. If you have not selected before the deadline the system will lock you out and you are eliminated from the pool. You cannot skip a week, so the first week you miss the deadline you are out of the pool.

Once there is only one remaining contestant, the contest is over and that contestant is the Grand Prize Winner. The Grand Prize winner must furnish FFChamps with their Social Security # or Tax ID # and it must match that of the registered subscriber to receive the Grand Prize.

In the event that more than 1 person has Survived the entire regular season (after Week 17), the tie will be broken in the following manner:

Tie Breaker All participants who survive the entire NFL Regular season (17 weeks) will have the opportunity to pick winners for every playoff game. Whomever has the best win-loss record at the end of the playoffs (including the Super Bowl) will be the Grand Prize Winner and awarded the full dollar amount. In the event of a tie after the Super Bowl, the prize money will be divided evenly among the finalists with the best record. All guesses must be submitted prior to kickoff of each round's games. All guesses will be made via e-mail to FFChamps, and will be confirmed via e-mail by FFChamps. If FFChamps does not receive a finalist's guess, that finalist will be eliminated.