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FFChamps Member who won $25,000 Winner on DraftKings: "@FFChamps: Fantastic weekend thanks to this awesome crew" "@FFChamps: Forgot to say how much the FFCPI from FFChamps was when comparing salaries to expected output!"


Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for all the great information throughout the season.Because of it, I just won my third championship and second in the past three years. Last year I finished second losing by one point. Again thanks! I recommend you guys to everyone except guys in my league


Won the trophy this year. A large part of that is your website and advice through out the week/year. Your FFCPI is a great tool.
See you next summer!

Joe M

I want to thank you guys for all the help and information you have supplied me with over the years. I won my fantasy league this year, making it the first back to back championship in league history and now I have won three out of the last four years. Your information prior to the draft has been very good and if someone was to ask me what was my secret to success, I would tell them preparation is the key. I have my own system and it works quite well. Thanks again.

Ron T.
CEO of the Lanesharks

You guys are the greatest, In a very competitive high-money league, I have won it 3 years in a row because of you guys and the FFCPI. I went in to the playoffs as the lowest seed but by playing my players wight he best FFCPI my guys consistently scored points that enabled me to beat the two highest seeds on my way to the championship again! So what's next? 4-peat doesn't sound right...4-in-a-row, maybe? Thanks again!


Winning twice in 3 years The Sexy Beast won West Irvine Fantasy Football's championship with a record of 13-4. Heading into our playoffs and Super Bowl our players are feeling and looking good. A tough year we lost 5 starters to injuries during the campaign. But having Payton Manning as QB helped a LOT!



Won my KFLC FFL for 2013 after losing my first two games, weeks 1 & 2, we're a 10 Team / PPR / Keep 2 Won games by a thread thanks to Peyton Manning, my RB's did not perform this year, Peyton covered a lot of weakness in my lineup, WR's were good, J Gordon, K Allen and V Jax, with TE's being Gonzalez and Olsen, Tucker bailed me out in a couple of games as well, overall, we hung in to win in a decimal point scoring league championship game by .06 pts - 119.8 to 119.2 .... thanks for your support


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For the second year in a row, I won my league's championship. I owe it in large part to the weekly FFPIs, the waiver wire recommendations during the season, and the advice in the playoffs I received from the experts. This was actually the third year in the row that I made the championship playoffs. Thanks to everyone there.

Mike E.

I have been a loyal subscriber for several years. The last 4 years I have finished 1st, 3rd, 2nd and 1st again this season. You guys are the best. Pre-draft articles and in-season analysis are all top notch. Keep up the GREAT work! Thank you!!

Andrew Wasserstrom

Best Fantasy Football site on the planet! Chaulk up another Championship for me! Kept my original team from draft to the end of season. 15 yr old league,12 man league 10-3 regular season record. I had basically no running backs. Grant,Helu,Ingram,J Rodgers,Woodhead. Doesn't hurt to have Aaron Rodgers as Qb (#1pick):). but drafted on best availible player theory since I was stuck in middle of draft order. Thanks FFchamps!! Can't wait to defend in 2012!!!

Kevin Dwyer

I entered three fantasy leagues this year, and made the playoffs in all three. I won the Carter Cowboys league. Fantasy Football Champs has been a MAJOR part of my fantasy football experience since 2004. I swear by the draft cheatsheets and FFCPI analysis in managing my fantasy teams.

I believe that FFChamps is by far the best of all fantasy football sites and can't wait for Fantasy Football 2012!

Antar Salahuddin

After a 10 year drought, FFChamps got me back on top. I had a killer draft and I was able to make some key pickups when players went down. Will be using FFChamps again next year... bye bye FF print mags!

Chris Mascio

2nd time in the five years I've subscribed that I have brought home the trophy. I have been playing for 20 years now and your tools have helped me gain an edge in a very competitive league. Keep up the good work.

Michael Haremski
AKA Mighty Mikes

I was on the verge of back to back championships for the Florence Flood. My opponent had Drew Brees and Darren Sproles in the CBS league. If Brees had not been gunning for the record, New Orleans would have run out the clock. But instead they were throwing late in the game. I had enough of a lead so that the record and a TD would not beat me as long as it did not go to Sproles, which it did. I lost 107-104. That hurt! Thanks to Fantasy Football Champions for helping me to win the league last year and to finish second this year.

Scott Barber

Just wanted to thank you guys for the outstanding service that you provide. I've just wrapped up a championship in a league with buddies from college that is very competitive! I used your draft tracker tool to compose by team and FFCPI and ROTW Rankings religiously throughout the season. I've won championships in three other leagues in years past using your service, but this is my first championship in this league after a decade of competition. Thanks to you guys, Cam Newton and Victor Cruz made all the difference and got me in the money!

Jeff Hammer

Made the championship game in both leagues, first year using the site. Thanks guys!

M. Mahoney

I want to thank you guys for your help in this team winning the championship in my extremely competitive money league. The key to this team was the waiver wire pick ups. Cam Newton, Victor Cruz, Laurent Robinson, and Brent Celek helped dramatically all year and I have you to thank for recognizing when your clients should pick them up. I have been a member for many years and look forward to many more. Have a great New Years, and God Bless.

I.Woodman – Becky and Ian

No question......just wanted to say I have used your site for years and have one my league two of the last three years including this year.....your information is always great and I enjoy that each of you has their own opinion and expresses it....will continue to use your site and thanks for all the information (and fun) but hard work you do....thanks....Monsters of the Midway

T. Mohrhusen
AKA Monsters of the Midway

You guys helped me win one league and get second in another. Will see ya again during playoffs.


Y'all helped me to a fifth consecutive championship (out of two leagues, to be honest). And I won! Thanks dudes.


Thanks to you guys, I have the highest scoring team in my league and I am playing for the Championship this weekend. Thanks again for your help and excellent advice!

Josh Nichols
AKA Hollywood as hell

Gentlemen, I made it to the championship game. Thanks for the good year.

T King
AKA Pig Pluckers

In the Super Bowl again, thank to your great information.

A Roscoe
AKA The Redskins Nupe is Back

You guys rock, been with you for about 5-6 years now and made playoffs in 4 of my 8 leagues finishing the season in 1st in 2 of them and 2nd in 2 of them. Missed playoffs in 2 others by 1 game. Keep up the GREAT job!

R Gromek
AKA Omega-30

Thanks for another great year of information from FFChamps.

Greg Shayman
AKA Abruzzo

Thank you @FFChamps and entire staff. I'm in 5 leagues and reached superbowl in 4 of them. Took QB late in all 5 drafts


Dear Jon and Ian,

As a long-time subscriber I would like to thank you for the high quality and insightful content that you provide year`in and year`out. I am drawn to FFChamps because my process and train of thought seem to mesh with yours. The information you provide is done so in a way that any level of player can benefit. From the novice who is about to get hooked to the fanatic who plays in high stakes events with 20 plus teams (me) , your information is timely and thorough. I highly recommend your site to any and all who will listen.

I am proud to share with you my title as the Champion of the 2006 National Fantasy Football Championship. Winning the $100,000 and crystal trophy was nice, but the friendships I have forged while playing at this level are priceless.

Jon and Ian, thank you for your hard work and support. I wish you continued success.

Rob Benetti
Ted’s Cracked Head
2006 NFFC Champion

After perusing many Fantasy Football content publishers over the years, I must say, you really need to give Fantasy Football Champs a look if you haven't done so already. We've gotten to know the Champs on a variety of fronts both in battle (see the FF Champs Challenge) and in business. They have some of the best Fantasy Football content circulating through cyberspace... They really have a knack for staying ahead of the competition with their foresight and predictions. I'm especially excited about their Team Analyzer product. It's interactive, unique and can actually help you win your league.

-Mike Krueger -

Fantasy Football Champs is one of the premier fantasy football services available on the Internet. Their FFCPI is one of the most valuable tools a fantasy GM could ever find! The FFCPI actually predicts individual players performances before the fact! I won my league last year with the help of the FFCPI and give it my highest recommendation. If you have ever been torn between which players to start then this is the service for you. Try it for yourself and you'll be convinced it's the real deal. Oh yeah, the Champ's web site is chock full of other features and services designed to keep fantasy GM's "ahead of the curve" and on top of their competition. Fantasy Football will give you the tools to win. Do yourself a favor and sign up today and start dominating your league!

-David F. Mishiwiec Sr.- formerly of Fantasy Football's "The Mish Report"

This is my first year being a FFChamps member, and 4 weeks into the season here are my thoughts so far...

Their credentials speak for themselves. The custom tools and features are better than anything else out there - and more accurate. But here's why I'm really lucky I found these guys. Just in the first few weeks I've watched Jon answer a ton of questions and give loads of free advice through video, twitter, and the discussion forum instead of pushing the use of "expert advice tokens" that cost money. Now maybe he and the rest of the crew do that because the consistent personal interaction builds rapport and increases membership retention rates and makes the company more money than pushing tokens and token refills. But the fact of the matter is you can't sustain and keep up the amount of personal attention Jon gives unless you genuinely care about your members and helping them succeed. And that's what's important to a guy like me.

- Christofer

Just wanted to let you know that my team has finish the regular season ranked #1 of all ESPN teams. Your advice has carried me all the way. Thanks for your help. Keep up the good work thru the payoffs.... There are some nice prizes on the line now!

- Johnny A

I am completely sold on your FFCPI formula. Thanks again guys! I am $XXXX dollars richer, and will have the trophy in MY HOUSE for a year, because of your great system. You were right, I won my league!!!! I won't make a Fantasy Football move without consulting you guys from now on ! I hope the rest of my league never finds out about this website.

- Joe F

For the second consecutive season, I won my Fantasy Football League! A coincidence? I've been a FFCPI subscriber for 2 years. So I've been with you guys for two years and have two championships. Thanks for your help!!

Biggest advantage that I have over my competitors is the draft tiers that you provide. Our league has been in existence for 3 years now, and we are a keeper league . In my case, my draft position has been last every year, but thanks to the tiers, I've been able to take my "emotions" out of the draft and put together very solid teams.

The FFCPI analysis is also invaluable. It really keeps in the area that a lot of the people in my league overlook, their "fringe" players. Playing the correct "fringe" players has allowed me to amass 300 more points than the next closest competitor in my league. Overall, I've been extremely pleased with FFCPI and I'll see you again next year, I just hope my teammates do not subscribe.

- Jeff H

What a difference a year makes. This year I followed the FFCPI exclusively and wound up in two division championship games and I'm in the final championship game in another league this weekend. All totaled I took two divisions and a wildcard in the third league. Not bad for being in only three leagues.

- Dave H

I'd like to say that the FFCPI has been instrumental in getting the job done. Your tiering system, insights and cheat sheets are worth their weight in gold. Early rounds are easy, knowing how to wait and clean up in the middle rounds is the ticket to paydirt. That's where you've really provided an edge.

Your Trade Bait and Waiver Wire comments allowed me to strengthen my bench and continually pick up players who I was able to package and trade to improve my team. While most of the competition seems to get beat down as the season continues, I had my best lineups of the year ready to go come playoff time. Over the past couple of weeks my bench has put up nearly the same points as the starters. What more can I ask?

I'm sorry I won't be recommending your service to any of my friends. It must be hell to be in a business where the better you are the less likely you are to be referred to new customers! Stay in the business, raise your prices if you must and look for my subscription next August.

- Jack C

I have to give you credit, I used your draft kit and followed your player rankings for the season. Well, I finished first in a 10 team league, with only 1 loss, and I scored the second highest point total in the league. Your service was well worth it!!

By the way last year I used your system and finished Second in the league.

- Scott B has the best mock draft tool I have ever used

- Customer

I've been to so many mock draft sites and know that this site has the best tool hands down

- Rob

I am a first year subscriber and I am thrilled to report that I won my league. After using your draft kit to select my players, I used the FFCPI to determine my starting players on a weekly basis and who to pick up off waivers if I needed a substitute starter for a given week. Your site is superb!

- Riley

Just wanted to thank you for all of your help this season. I, unfortunately will not be playing in week 15 but I did make the playoffs, EVEN AFTER A 1-4 START. I was about to trade away my team and pack it in but your level heads prevailed and set me on the right path. Your FFCPI and waiver wire help was once again THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!! I am looking forward to next season already. See you then.

- Eric T

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