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1999-2008 #1 all-time winning percentage in the FF Index Experts Poll

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WINNER – 2010 Cheatsheets Magazine Expert Poll 1st Place
WINNER – 2010 Draftbook Expert Poll 1st Place
WINNER – 2005 Fantasy Index Magazine Expert Poll 1st Place
WINNER – 2005 Football Diehards Magazine Expert Poll 1st Place
WINNER – 2005 WCOFF Magazine Expert League 1st Place

WINNER – 2004 WCOFF Hall of Fame Invitational League 1st Place
WINNER – 2004 Sirius Satellite Expert league 1st Place

WINNER - 2003 $5,000 Champ’s Challenge Expert League 1st Place
2003 World Champion of Fantasy Football – 1st Overall after regular Season 1st Place

In 2006, FFChamps.com was bought by a large company. During those years, the FFChamps.com Founding team continued to win, using all the strategies, statistics, and rankings that made FFChamps the industry leaders for so many years, capturing title after title, including a staggering 4 for 4 high stake league Fantasy Super Bowls in 2008-2009.

We Re-Acquired FFChamps.com in 2010 and look forward to picking up right where we left off, or, in reality, never left. Helping you win your Fantasy Football Leagues.

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$5,000 Champs Challenge


We put $5,000 up for grabs vs. the top experts in Fantasy Football and WON!
What else is there left to prove?
We launched the $5,000 Champs Challenge because we're not afraid to put our money where our mouths are and prove our service is second to none. After using our drafting strategies to build a solid team, and utilizing the FFCPI all year to pick our starters, how did we finish the last 3 years?

2003 - Super Bowl Champions 1st Place
2002 - 3rd Place finish
2001 - Super Bowl runner up

2003 Competitors - Fantasy Guru, CBS Sportsline, ESPN, Football Injuries, KFFL, FF Today, the Huddle, Draft Sharks, Pro Forecast Magazine, Fantasy Index, Krause Publications

World Championship of Fantasy Football (WCOFF)

2004 - WINNER - WCOFF Hall of Fame Invitational League (qualified by past performances) 1st Place
2003 - 1st overall in the Regular season (1st out of 600) 1st Place
2003 - Highest finish among all experts (19th out of 600)
2002 - 1st place WCOFF Giveaway Division (320+ participants) 1st Place

Sirius Satellite Expert League

2004 - WINNER - Inaugural league (Top 12 Experts in the Industry) 1st Place

2004 Competitors - Fantasy Guru, CBS Sportsline, Football Injuries, KFFL, Yahoo Sports, Football Diehards, Fantasy Index, Sports Buff, Rotowire, Krause Publications

Fantasy Index Magazine Expert Poll

2005 - 1st place - WINNER (out of 25 experts) 1st Place
2004 - 3rd place
2003 - 3rd place
2002 - 4th place
2001 - 1st place - WINNER 1st Place
2000 - 3rd place

Pro Forecast Magazine / Football Diehards Expert Poll

2005 1st Place - Football Diehards Expert Poll WINNER (out of 20 experts) 1st Place
2004 - 3rd place Football Diehards Expert Poll (out of 20 experts)
2004 - 2nd place Pro Forecast Magazine's Master's Forecast
2003 - 3rd place Pro Forecast Magazine's Master's Forecast
2002 - 2nd place Pro Forecast Magazine's Master's Forecast

Red Eye Masters IDP League

2003 - Superbowl Runner up

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Respected Fantasy Football Experts Agree

"I have enjoyed your fantasy football insight greatly. I have been playing fantasy football for years, but never made it to the playoffs so I decided this year I would try a pay service. Currently I am in first place in 4 out of my 5 leagues!"
-Chris Moneymaker - 2003 World Series of Poker Champion & FFChamps Subscriber

"FF Champs is one of the premier fantasy football services available on the Internet. Their FFCPI is one of the most valuable tools a fantasy GM could ever find! The FFCPI actually predicts individual player performances before the fact! I won my league last year with the help of the FFCPI and give it my highest recommendation. If you have ever been torn between which players to start then this is the service for you."
-David F. Mishiwiec Sr., The Mish Report

"After perusing many Fantasy Football content publishers over the years, I must say, you really need to give FF Champs a look if you haven't done so already. They have some of the best Fantasy Football content circulating through cyberspace. They really have a knack for staying ahead of the competition with their foresight and predictions. I'm especially excited about their Team Analyzer product. It's interactive, unique and can actually help you win your league."
-Mike Krueger, FF Today.com

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